A book on the eternal love of the plants…

Oliver ‘Wyld Rose’ Kyr, co-founder of One Planet. One Family will be publishing his new book ‘My angels are green’ (German title: ‘Meine Engel sind grün’, Spanish title: ‘Mis ángeles son verdes’) in 2019.

It tells the true story of how the plant spirits opened his heart and showed him his path: To re-unite humanity with all life on this planet.
It is the story of a once successful commercial film producer (Mercedes Benz, BOSCH and many more) who decided to re-start his life from scratch after a painful and life threatening breakdown. Who travels this planet with his family (‘The Pegasus family’) to inspire necessary change and to heal the gaps between us humans and our family who live on our home planet.

We are the Pegasus Family.
Our mission ‘One planet. One family’ aims at raising awareness for the fact that all life on this planet (and beyond) is our family!!