The Pegasus Family


The Pegasus Family

All life on this planet is our family. Humans are not superior to animals, plants or even microorganisms and there will never be a ‚world peace’ if it is not for all lifeforms. ‚It is only an animal’ or ‚it is only a plant’ are thoughts that prevent our society from becoming truly ‚ONE’. Our mission ‚One planet. One family’ will arise consciousness for this very important truth.

We, the Pegasus Family, travel this beautiful planet to tell stories that inspire necessary change. For our own children, for all the children in this world, be they humans, animals, plants or other lifeforms.


In a camper, we have travelled Europe & Russia to create our children’s interview platform children’s cosmos, to manage a vegan retreat & animal sanctuary in Italy and to film the first episode of our trilogy on our family: the animal rights’ documentary ‘Citizen Animal’.
‘Citizen Animal’ has been presented worldwide, won awards in Chile, Venezuela, Colombia, Greece and the U.S. It was selected for the ‚China Green Film Week’ and is even being shown in Democratic Republic of Congo.
All three documentaries, ‘Citizen Animal’, ‘Root Republic’ and ‘Little Big Family’ are created with the financial support of producer Robert Franz.

In 2018, we travelled Central America to film episode 2 on the consciousness of trees & the magical wisdom of plants: ‘Root Republic’.
We also created the short documentary ‚Village in a bottle’ to support the mountain communities in the Abruzzo in Italy.

‚Little Big Family’, the third episode, on microorganisms, will be filmed 2019 in Russia, Kasachstan, Japan and Europe.

Furthermore, we advise people and companies how to lose fear of change.
Change has a heartbeat. We make people listen.

The Pegasus family are Storyhealer Oliver ‚Wyld Rose’ Kyr and artist Tatjana Kühr, our daughter Bonnie, chihuahuas Yannick and Sherry, the rescued stray cats Mimi & Tiger, sheep Momo and – since May 2018 – coconut tree Cocosita.

The Pegasus family is very proud on its international friends, like the Jane Goodall Institute, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Global Animal Law, OceanCare, Global Arts Studio Korinthos, PETA, Rotary Club of World Peace, Wayseers, the Plant Consciousness event, WisdomHub TV, Life for Nature Foundation, Asmi Nardo Foundation and many more.