Robert Franz

Co-Producer film trilogy

Nature and love for his fellow human beings – this is the source of Robert Franz’ energy. His message being: natural remedy and plants can change people’s lives for the better by their natural healing powers.

The power of positive thinking, natural remedy and natural food are the main pillars of his philosophy.

Robert was born in May 1960 in Temeschburg, Romania. Already in his childhood, in the wild & untouched nature of Romania, he discovered his love for a healthy life, powered by nature.

Numerous boundary experiences made the ‚curly & barefoot’ readhead a natural power full of positive energy – including a rich treasure of experience with natural remedy.

His most important goal: Contributing for the good of his fellow human beings.

Robert also rescues farm and domestic animals. They live in freedom and safety on his ranch in Austria.

About Robert

Joachim Maurer

Change Manager, Co-Founder "One planet. One family."

I support the project because I want to have answers for my children. One day they will ask me: What have you done to make our world better? 
Re-connecting with Mother Earth is one of the most important topics in the future. We all know that we have massively unbalanced a lot here on our planet. It’s time to act. And everyone can help. “One planet. One family.” wants to inspire new ways of thinking. Many wisdoms have always been there, but we have forgotten them. Our children will be grateful when we bring them back into life.
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Marc Sepetavc

Marketing/PR "One planet. One family."

I’m a supporter of “One planet. One family.”, because I feel the urgent need that the world needs significant changes. Changes in the way we treat the planet we’re living on.

Luckily I’m part of a generation which tries to raise awareness and does take a lot of action for the sake of a better future. Although, in order to be effective, we need to operate collectively. So I chose to be part of a project that doesn’t fight symptoms, but tackles the root of the problem by inspiring people to do something and by raising awareness for important topics.

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Dr. Fabio Alberto Ramirez T.

Ethnomedic & project partner in Colombia

Medical doctor at the University of Caldas, former scientific director of the San José of Samaná Hospital, doctor at the Pediatric Department of the San Jorge of Pereira Hospital, doctorat the Risaralda mental unit. Since 1982 he has practiced privately in alternative medicine in Bogotá (Unicist homeopathy, neural therapy).
For more than twenty years, he has devoted himself to training in ethnomedicine (medicine in cultural comparison), a new discipline with a boom in Germany and other European countries such as Austria and Switzerland. Representative for Colombia of the Ethnomedic Institute of Munich Germany. For 12 years, he has been an international lecturer, who has participated in numerous meetings in Europe organized by Ethnomed and the Working Community (Ethnomedical Society).

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Angel & van

Our green & white angel who carried us 7.000 kilometres through Central America where we filmed the ‘Root Republic’.
A car with a soul & true friend.